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Creativity & Innovation

by JEE

What is Creativity and Innovation? Why creativity and Innovation is important in any Organization?

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Creativity & Innovation

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Here is what you want
by: Yasser

Dear Jee :
You can check this page for full information

Creativity and innovation the unthought of apects of business
by: Derren Mcalpine

Within any business creativity and innovation are very important aspects of the organisational foundations as without either a business or organisation would become stagnant and eventually fail.

if it was not for creativity and innovation we would not have aeroplanes (the Wright brothers had both great creativity and innovation)or the modern production lines if Henry Ford did not have the innovation to create the first moving assembly line backin the 1920's.

the essence of creativity and innovation is to look at where a organisation wants to be in the future and how they will be able to achieve these goals.

creativity may be just to look at the present service or component and build upon it into something new, innovation is the thought process involved in this.

A good present day example to use would be Dyson the hoover makers as James dyson has creativity and inovation that he used to make his currebt organisation the way it is now.

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