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Impact on customer satisfaction of the implementation of TQM

by Lulama

what would be the impact on customer satisfaction of the implementation of TQM in hospital.

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Impact on customer satisfaction of the implementation of TQM

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Jun 14, 2010
Quality in hospital
by: jihan

First: We try to found the closest consept of quality for every one from the employees.

Second: We try to put P&P for every department that with sharing of manager of every department.

Third: We try to put this P&P in frame of quality P&P.

Fourth: We train the employees in every department on this P&P.

Fifth:We assisst in implement this P&P.

Six:We organize and inspect the implementation of this P&P.

Jun 14, 2010
grat impact
by: hany

There is very important impact by implementation of TQM in hospital.

Customer satisfaction is the main concern of the quality management .

By implementation of TQM we have deal with process carefully remove what not add any value to the process which consume effort and time and money that can be retained for more detailed segments of the process which add value added process.

Concentrate on vital steps in the process which is usually related to customer satisfaction directly that can be known from voice of customers to know how the customer think about the process and what he need to satisfy him.

We can use kanu analysis to determine satisfaction and dissatisfaction to concentrate on .

Jun 14, 2010
TQM in the Healthcare Industries.
by: Anonymous

TQM is known as CQM in the health care industries
Hospitals are turning to total quality management (TQM) to lower costs of providing care.

Total quality management (TQM) is an approach adopted by hospitals that are anxious to reduce operating expenses created by poor care,high legal suits, and hospital who wish to provide high-quality care at competitive prices.

TQM emphasizes both process and outcome and requires a dramatic shift in many established health care management values and concepts.

TQM environment needs to embrace corporate goals while maintaining its accountability as a contributor to quality patient care.

Benchmarking will be used to measure accountability and goals.

The emphasis must be on continuous improvement rather than on meeting a specific standard.

Those who have adopted TQM have noticed greater delivery in the Quality of care and profitability.

Industrial organizations that have adopted TQM reportedly have reduced operating expenses by 20 to 40 percent.

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