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Solution for water leak from wall of house-My own idea

by Vargis Raj

Dec 12 ,2010 Sunday morning- I saw, in my house the balcony area was wet. I observed that fresh water was dripping from the wall and it was entering to the balcony. There are two pipelines enter to the bath room from the main water pipe; From that one branch go to the bath shower and other go to the Instant Water Heater. I thought that four chances are for leak. One might be from shower line, 2nd from heater inlet line ,3rd outlet and the 4th from bottom branch which connected to the wash basin .

Before everything else, I need to confirm whether the top water lines are ok or not. So I disconnected the heater inlet flexible pipe and sealed the end to end connections. Then observed that the leak was continuing again. But I did n’t get any idea whether the leak was from bottom pipe lines or top lines. I don’t want to damage the wall or tiles. Thoughts were rushed out for a while. What to do? What will happen, if I increase the pressure of water lines?

The main valve from the water tank at the roof was half open. I opened the outlet valve fully to increase the pressure of water lines. 2nd day I found a leak from the window side tiles of bath room which was at a height of 5feet. The leak was due to the hi pressure and water was passing through all the available spaces.

This was enough for me to confirm that one leak is from the top pipe-joint inside the wall. Then I took the electric drill and put on and drilled the wall to remove some portion of the tile grout around the top pipe-joint. Immediately water rushed out from the wall through the drilled hole. Then closed the main valve and removed the tile grout surrounding the PVC elbow. After removing the elbow, I plugged the pipe. Then opened the main valve and it was observed that there was no leak from the wall to the balcony. This was a nice experience for me. My wife told me that she did not think ‘it would be sorted out this much easily. What an idea Serji? ’.

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Solution for water leak from wall of house-My own idea

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Oct 21, 2015
by: Miller

Well, we had the same issue at home and we used some water repellant paints and fillers to avoid the leak further. There are so many good products from Dr. Fixit which will be so effective for issues like this.

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