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The expenses incurred for training?

a)appraisal cost
b)internal failure cost
c)prevention cos
d)Loss of opportunities

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The expenses incurred for training?

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Sep 14, 2016
training expenses prevents COPQ
by: Anonymous

Training expenses are certainly booked under cost of prevention when the training imparted enhances work skills of people to be always on the path of continuous improvement. e.g. an operator starts using P-D-C-A in his day to day work & then promotes himself to P-D-S-A by standardising the work procedures. He then challenges his own standards & newer plans are created to go thru revised P-D-C-A; then P-D-S-A & this goes on & on; i.e. continuous quality improvement. This is possible by enhanced work skills thru continuous training, leading to prevention of poor quality.

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