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You can only sustain invincibilty with poor service for how long?

by Pieter Herbst
(Pretoria, South Africa)

I have a few friends in the motor industry, from Merc, Ford, Nissan, BMW. This situation has been foreseen by many in the industry for a while. it seems as if the Japs have been under the ilusion that they are so "strong" that even with wastage, stock write-offs and slow or no moving stocks will not ever get to them.

Toyota used to be Mr reliability of the industry.

The problem is not only the the recall, but the American big 3 have been waiting for this for some time. Check the marketing that will come from competators.

Even if Toyota can salvage the situation to a certai extent, the competators will have already moved in.

Its like politics, political parties and politicians, they are the light of the univerce for some time, then people see their flaws, but tolerate it for a long time untill one day.

The suport disappears and the scavangers move in and leaves nothing.(no bad intent with the name).

Then restructuring, possible name changes and sometimes even take overs happen.

Then the company must start over and go through all the growing pains.

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You can only sustain invincibilty with poor service for how long?

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Feb 08, 2010
Sad But True
by: Yasser

Pieter :
I agree with you 100% , Toyota make a great step by recall a product from the market and loss all this money even so that no accident caused by this defect ; which for me " personally " is a great sign for honesty and integrity .

But on other hand , i'm surprised that QA and QC didn't discover this defect before giving final release !!!

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