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8D Manager Software V4

If you have Microsoft Access (version 2007 or greater) then select this version.


(Note! You do not need to know anything about MS Access.)

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If you do not have Microsoft Access 2007 or greater then please select this version.



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Do you want to...   

*Improve your corrective action system?

*Spend less time writing corrective actions reports?

*Keep all of your 8D, 9D, 4M and 5Y reports in one place?

*Not worry about formatting 8D, 9D, 4M and 5Y reports

*Tie all supporting documents (SCARS, pictures, Failure Analysis) into one report?

*Collect metrics on your corrective action system?

*Monitor costs per corrective action, unique codes or customer?

*Monitor customer satisfaction?

*Use prepared 8D, 4M, and 5Y templates to solve your problems?

*Use your own company terminology for the field names?


Are you...

*Struggling with keeping track of all of your corrective actions?

*Forgetting previous customer complaints, written details, and resolution history?

*Looking for inexpensive 8D software that tracks all of your 8D and 5Y records? 

*Concern about your next ISO audit and providing corrective action documentation?

*Finding it difficult to track costs and documenting costs per corrective actions?


Do you need to quickly...

*Create and edit an 8D, 9D, 4M or 5Y report?

*Find old reports for a given customer?

*Distinguish between internal and external 8D reports?

*Distinguish between open and closed 8D reports?

*Track all actions for each of the 8 or 9 disciplines?

*See a history of your 8D actions?

*Quickly see all open actions for all 8D reports?

*Create an 8D / 5Y report based on a previous 8D / 5Y report?

*Quickly monitor dates for closure, due, containment, and corrective action?

*Create pareto for costs by customer and corrective action?

*Print a blank 8D, 9D, 4M, or 5Y template to assign action items?


If you answer yes to any of the above questions then proud to offer you 8D Manager. 8D Manager addresses all above issues and more.

8D Manager is inexpensive, easy to learn and easy to use.


This software allows you to...

*Provide your customer an impressive 8D, 9D, 4M and 5Y report

*Track all of your 8D actions, owners and due dates.

*Quickly find your history of all corrective actions.

*Track costs by custom internal codes, customers and actions.

*Not only help you pass an ISO audit but amaze your ISO auditor.


Features implemented in 8D Manager V3...

*9D Report for each 8D Report

*4M Report, (similar to the fishbone) for each 8D Report

*Blank 8D, 9D, 4M, and 5Y templates

*Pareto charts to track costs per customer, custom internal codes, and corrective costs

*Expanded customable traceablity labels

*Ability to name your forms with revisions and dates to fit your documentation system.

*Expanded drop down menus for quicker completion.

*Improved Main List to track action dates.

*Improved menus

*Assign codes and costs to each action line.

*Document all actions and then choose whether or not to show those in your printed reports.


Other Features in 8D Manager V3....

*5Y Report for each 8D Report

*Short form corrective action

*Print list of all open actions

*Email all forms

*Date and costs metrics for corrective action

*Quick copy from one 8D report and all the supporting forms to another new 8D report.

*Repair and Compact option

*Hyperlink all supporting documents into your main report.

*Find reports by customer, complaint, open, closed, and 8D due dates.

*Use your traceability labels with your company's terminology.

*Quickly add root cause and corrective actions from your 4M and 5Y reports to your 8D and 9D final reports.


In addition, the 8D Manager package includes...

*A step by step pictorial manual to assure you get maximum benefit of the software.

*A corrective action procedure template. Use this to document your corrective action system for ISO 9001 certification. This ties the 8D Manager software to your corrective and preventive action procedure.


Other Benefits of 8D Manager...

*Multiple users can access the information at the same time. Each computer needs a separate license which can be purchased at a discounted price. We provide the details after the initial purchase.

*You can customize the forms and reports labels to match your company's terminology and traceability needs.

*8D Manager provides Global 8D reports for reoccurring issues.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with 8D Manager, I will refund your money.


8D Manager's 8D and 9D Report Examples

Choose which report you need for your customer.


8D Manager's 8D Report Example

(Click to zoom!)



8D Manager's 9D Report Example

(Click to zoom!)


You can choose between 8D and 9D depending on your customer requirements.


5Y Report

(Click to zoom!)



4M Report

(Click to zoom!)


The 4M report is similar to Fishbone but it includes action items. Plus it presents better than the Fishbone.


Data Entry

Starting a Corrective Action

(Click to zoom!)



Entering Action Steps

(Click to zoom!)



Assign cost and code to each action

(Click to zoom!)

This powerful feature lets you determine cost codes for each action. With this information you can generate pareto charts to show how you spend your corrective action expenses. You can quickly assign a cost per each action in your 8D / 9D report. You can also assign a responsibility code for each action. These two items will significantly drive improvement within your company.



5Y Data Entry

(Click to zoom!)

Each corrective action can have its own 5Y Report. Many customers asks for a 5Y report which narrows the possible root causes to the primary root cause.



4M Data Entry

(Click to zoom!)

Each corrective action can have its own 4M Report. Use the 4M to investigate root causes and corrective action. If your customer requires a Fishbone Diagram, use this.



Master List of Your 8D Records

(Click to zoom!)

Quickly find corrective actions by customer, problem, type, dates etc.




Tie All Your Documents Together

(Click to zoom!)

Corrective actions may include customer complaints, failure analysis, pictures, etc. With 8D Manager you can tie all the supporting file links to the corrective action




Show Records by Customer

(Click to zoom!)



Standard Corrective Action Form

(Click to zoom!)

If your customer doesn't require an 8D or 9D report, you can use this short form



Customize Your Labels

(Click to zoom!)

Use your own traceability names. These field names change throughout the forms and reports. This lets you customize 8D Manager to match your company's terminology. You can also change the form names so you can track your form titles, revision, and date information.




Copy Old 8Ds to New 8D

(Click to zoom!)

Copy an old 8D form and the supporting 5Y and 4M forms to a new corrrective action. Afterwards quickly edit as you see fit.




Pareto Charts, Metrics and Costs

(Click to zoom!)

Present corrective action metrics to management. Track costs by time period, by corrective action, by customer or by code. You can also track number of issues by customer or code.



Creating Pareto Graphs is as easy as clicking the appropriate chart button.



You can quickly track if your making improvements to customer issues. Document your savings over time. This also helps document customer satisfaction.



By tracking costs with codes, you assign responsible areas such as department, employees, equipment, and materials. You decide on the codes. With these charts you can quickly tell where to focus continual improvements.



You can also track dates and costs by the 8D actions. This is shown in the summary of metrics.



Blank Templates

Use these optional templates for handwritten documentation. Print these forms at the start of the process. Bring them to meetings. Document the actions. Later update 8D Manager. Templates available for 8D / 9D, 4M and 5Y. 8D Manager fills in the basic traceability fields.


Blank 8D / 9D:

(Click to Zoom)



Blank 4M:

(Click to Zoom)



Blank 5Y:

(Click to Zoom)



Videos of 8D Manager

The basics of 8D Manager



New Features to 8D Manager V3


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