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1st challenge, How the best differ from the rest
May 31, 2010

Bexcellence Weekly Challenge


Here is your 1st challenge :

Do you really know how the best differ from the rest !!!

In a recent survey done for more than 300 different business ( service , product , project oriented ) the result show that 5 factors affect the profitability and growth of any business .

Iím not going to tell you which 5 factors is and the order of importance right now , because I want you to tell us " I will tell you later this week , donít worry :) "

Choose one of the following ,and tell us why you choose it , and I want you to think deeply about these choices , how it applied to your own situation , how it REALLY affect you and the business you are in

You can choose Here.


Yasser Khodier
Bexcellence.Org Founder

















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