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* *2st challenge, 4 steps to determine business Strategy
June 10, 2010

Bexcellence Weekly Challenge


Here is your 2nd challenge :

Do you really know how to decide what is important to your company and what you should stop doing !!!

To be able to decide what is important you must do the following steps:

1-Review and Renew your company mission statement and vision.

2-Review and Renew your company strategic position.

3-Determine your company VFOs ( Vital Few Objectives )

3-Decide what to stop

Now go and download "Business Strategy Workbook; Decide What Is Important " and take 2 weeks to do the challenge , and then share your results with us Here.

""password for download area is: hgpl]ggi ""


Yasser Khodier
Bexcellence.Org Founder

















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