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* Why A Quality Manual*
November 25, 2010

Keeping Your Focus On Business

I would like to raise a general question, maybe it has been raised already but I thing is interesting topic and would like to get some opinions on it.

Your ISO 9001 Quality Manual is the top tier document for your Quality Management system (QMS).

Write the Quality Manual so a customer can read it. Many customers will ask for a copy of the manual. They want to ensure that you have addressed all the critical quality management systems. If there are product complaints, customers may refer to your manual to understand your quality systems.

More on the QA Manual

This page describes the necessity for a QA Manual. I discuss the benefits of having a manual. I also cover other items that you may want to include in your ISO 9001 Quality Manual.

If you are interested in quickly produce one that is acceptable to ISO 9001 auditors. I recommend starting with my quality manual, and then editing it to match your company’s terms. It is 30 pages long and covers all ISO 9001 elements necessary for certification.

More on the QA Manual

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