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Forget about theories , Step by Step Six Sigma Guide -Lesson 2
October 20, 2008

Practical  Easy-to-Use Lean Six Sigma  Guide

Bexcellence Guide present most effective route to solving a wide range of problems and explain why those solutions make sense.

Whether you're a Green Belt, Black Belt, Master, Project Champion, Sponsor, Deployment Leader, or consultant, this guide will help you use Lean Sigma to solve far more problems, far more rapidly, and far more effectively.

Lesson 1 Introduction, Lean Sigma Road map ,Six Sigma Process Basics .

Lesson 2 Discover : Tools Applied to Identify Projects

Lesson 3 Define : Tools  Applied at the Beginning of All Projects

Lesson 4 Global Process Problems ,Individual Step Process Problems

Lesson 5 Control - Tools Used at the End of All Projects

Lesson 6 Tools

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Global Process Problems : 1- On-Time Delivery

this guide use the book of Dr. Ian Wedgwood, Executive Director of Sigma Breakthrough Technologies,as the reference of the whole guide

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