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EFQM Fundamental Concepts



The European Foundation for Quality Management ( EFQM ®) is a membership based not for profit organization, created in 1988 by fourteen leading European businesses. Its' mission to be the driving force for sustainable excellence in Europe and a vision of a world in which European organizations excel.

The European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model was introduced as the primary framework for assessing and improving organizations, in order that they might achieve such a sustainable advantage. The model is based upon the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence described below.


The achievement of excellence requires total leadership commitment and acceptance of these concepts. To start the process of gaining a mutual understanding of the importance of European Foundation for Quality Management Fundamental Concepts, we encourage you to read this entire page. We suggest that a simple evaluation of  an organization helps focus the debate on how, and why, to proceed further.



EFQM Fundamental Concepts of Excellence .


1- Results Orientation
Excellence is achieving results that delight all the organization stakeholders.

2- Customer Focus
Excellence is creating sustainable customer value.

3- Leadership and Constancy of Purpose
Excellence is visionary and inspirational leadership, coupled with constancy of purpose.

4- Management by Processes and Facts
Excellence is managing the organization through a set of interdependent and interrelated systems,processes and facts.

5- People Development and Involvement
Excellence is maximizing the contribution of employees through their development and involvement.

6-Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement
Excellence is challenging the status quo and effecting change by utilizing learning to create innovation and improvement opportunities.

7-Partnership Development
Excellence is developing and maintaining value adding partnerships.