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Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award® (MBNQA)

In my opinion, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award® is the most complete and powerful guide that one can use to achieve excellence in business.


What is MBNQA?

It is an integrated approach to help organizations achieve superior performance by helping companies focus on:

1.Delivery of ever-improving value to customers and stakeholders.

2.Improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities.

3.Organizational and personal learning.

Benefits of using MBNQA:

1- achieves sustainable results in today’s challenging environment.

2- helps organizations to think strategically.

3- helps companies align processes, people, resources, and customers’ needs.

Click here to read why apply MBNQA from NIST

Who can use the MBNQA criteria?

Whether your organization is small or large; involved in service, manufacturing, government, or nonprofit work; and has one office or multiple sites across the globe, the criteria provides a valuable framework that helps you measure performance and plans in an uncertain environment.

The criteria helps align resources with approaches, such as ISO 9000, Lean, a Balanced Scorecard, and Six Sigma.  It improves communication, productivity, and effectiveness. In addition it identifies improvement areas and strategic goals.


How to use MBNQA criteria?

Download the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award® from NIST and use it as a reference guide for excellence.