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Process Management


To understand process management, we have to first know ....What is a process? Take a look below and think... do you understand your process?

A Process is an activity or group of activities that take inputs, add value to it, and provide an output to an internal or external customer.
The basic process unit is this... Input - Value Add - Output. Sometimes when you look at the details of a process you find sub-processes. These sub-processes are still processes. To manage processes you need to understand the details. By studying the basic processes you simplify your process improvement endeavors.

When you map out your basic processes, you create a flow chart. A flow chart shows how sub-processes fit within a larger process. A flow chart also is important to managing processes because it visualizes the process. Your team can quickly examine the flowchart and discuss the individual processes. During discussion, the team focuses together on the individual processes of the flowchart. .

What is the difference between process and a system? Good Question.

A system is a network of connecting processes that work together to achieve the aim of the business. A series of interrelated actions taken to transform a concept or request or an order  into a delivered product or service . So , we may have a system (e.g.. : accounting system ) which have processes ( accounting process ) ands finally sub process ( simple calculation )

Process managing is usually a collection of practices, techniques, and tools to implement, sustain, and improve process effectiveness, and it must go through 3 stages

1-process planning is the first step of process management.

2-process control

3-process improvement

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