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Six Sigma Overview


Six Sigma has been a popular management philosophy for years. Motorola first made Six Sigma popular in the 1980s. AlliedSignal embraced it in the early 1990s and then General Electric made it the most popular management philosophy in history.



Like anything that becomes popular, misconceptions abound relative to how to implement Six Sigma. Particularly since this management philosophy is based on facts and data being used to make decisions in the organization, a host of statisticians have developed new careers teaching and consulting in this discipline.


Below we are go through the basic steps of six sigma process improvement.

1- More history of Six Sigma overview.

2- What is Six-Sigma

3- Define

4- Measure

5- Analyze

6- Improve

7- Control

8- Six Sigma Certifications

9- More on the Define Stage

10- Selecting a Project for Six Sigma

11- Basics of Six Sigma

12- Six Sigma Tutorial Guide

13- Benefits of Six Sigma