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Count Me ; Real Estate Broker !!!

by Herbert

I started in the Aerospace Quality environment many moons ago, I decided and persuaded by my older sister to become a real estate sales person

well I did fairly good while doeing that, as you know the way the market is right now everything is short sales and it takes forever to get paid, I am a Broker now.

So I have decided to go back into my Aerospace Quality management field, however I am having difficulty getting a job because of my absentism from this field (4 years) I am presently attending school and working on my bachelors in management I need to get a job my financial resources are very thin.

But I will strive to succeed whatever it takes.

Comments for Count Me ; Real Estate Broker !!!

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May 25, 2010
keep Trying
by: Yasser

Hi Herbert :

The only words i can say : Keep Trying ; the fighter soul you have will grantee you a good job , its just a matter of time , i know how it look like when you find your self out of business , no financial resources ( i have been there ) and at this moment , you have 2 choices :
1- Go back and looking for a job ( which you choose )
2- Keep Fighting ( the way i choose ) , reorganize all your business , cut expenses ( one of the most wonderful advice you can hear for such situation is "Crunch Time!" by brian tracy , it help me a lot to overcome bankruptcy )

So what ever the way you choose , be sure its just a matter of time :)

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Nov 03, 2010
Miamian realty | Real estate Florida
by: miami

Thank you for sharing the comment. I agree that the internet can be a powerful tool in selling real estate.
If the seller knows how to properly market the home online, then he or she will easily find interested buyers.
Very well said!

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