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Engineer wiz no job yet :D


Hello Mr.Yasser
i joined your mailing list and this website when i was a student in faculty of Engineeering , My project was about TPM and i found nice stuff you wrote and shared,, explaining some concepts of quality :):) Thank you!
am still studying but now the concepts of Enterprise Resource Planning.

about your idea , it's not crazy at all , it's very nice of you to think of others welfare along wiz urs , also it seems engaging and fun.
I want to join this challenge :D but i really don't understand :$:$
i don't have a business of my own and i never worked :(

Renew mission : Mission statement ???
- Renew value - Renew strategic position - Renew vision - Define VFO -

Agree what to stop : activities that cause losses in time or money or effort??? ????

2-Set Goal That Lead: - Define measures - Define targets - Define initiatives - Engage team

3-Align system : - Identify misleading - Align process - Align policies - Align measures - Align technology - Align people

4-Work the plan : - Define IPS quarter - Define IPS weekly - Rate IPS quarter - Prioritize daily - Monitor measures
never heard of IPS :D:D

5-Innovate purposefully - Brainstorm - ROI - steps problem solving - Champion your ideas - Recognize contributions

6-Stepback : - Review external - Review internal - SWOT analysis - Review individuals

7-Puting it all together .

please could you explain further what to do ????
Thank you

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