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Self Assessment Table

The self assessment table lets your management team know their current stage with regards to total quality implementation.


    Self Assessment Table





Results Orientation

All relevant stakeholders are identified

Stakeholder needs are assessed in a structured way

Transparent mechanisms exist to balance stakeholder expectations

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is assessed

Goals & targets are linked to customer needs & expectations. Loyalty issues are researched

Business drivers of customer satisfaction needs & loyalty issues are understood  

Leadership and Constancy of Purpose

Vision and mission, are defined

Policy, people and processes are aligned & a leadership model exists

Shared values and ethical role models exist at all organizational levels

Management by Processes and Facts

Processes to achieve desired results are defined

Comparative data and information is used to set challenging goals

Process capability is fully understood and used to drive performance improvements

People Development & Involvement

People accept ownership and responsibility to solve problems

People are innovative and creative in furthering organizational objectives

People are empowered to act and openly share knowledge and experience

Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement

Improvement opportunities  are identified and acted on

Continuous improvement is an accepted objective for every individual

Successful innovation and improvement is widespread and integrated

Partnership Development

A process exists for selecting and managing suppliers

Supplier improvement and achievements are recognised and key external partners are identified

The organization and its key partners are interdependent. Plans and policies are co-developed on the basis of shared knowledge

Corporate Social Responsibility

Legal and regulatory requirements are understood and met

There is active involvement in society

Societal expectations are measured and action taken

The self assessment table ties to TQM