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Six Sigma Tutorial Guide


Typically a Master Black Belt (MBB) conducts a six sigma tutorial.  They guide the Black Belt or Green Belt through the available six sigma tools depending on the problem. Therefore, the best guide requires

*A deep enough experience with tackling  a specific problem to conclusion with an efficient approach

*Technical skills to guide the Belts in specific tool.

*A broad enough experience attack multiple different types of problems that might be addressed in a business.

Audiences that find six sigma tutorial valuable include:

*Process improvement project leaders (Green Belts and Black Belts), across all industries. They lead projects to improve processes using tools and methodologies that come under the Lean or Six Sigma banners.

*Project Champions or sponsors wondering which questions to ask of their project leaders. Or to learn the items they should see in terms of activity.  Or learn to improve their project selection and scoping skills.

*Technical Mentors (Master Black Belts) looking to improve their project and tools mentoring skills and to better select and scope projects.

*Deployment Leaders seeking to better select and scope projects to improve the return on investment of the program.

*Consultants brushing up on skills as both a technical mentor and deployment lead.

A Written Guide

Surprisingly (and fortunately) when asked for the route to solve a particular type of problem, the experienced teacher answers remarkably consistent. If you have a specific problem type, then you should follow a specific route to the solution. The intent of this written guide, therefore, is to capture those experiences and for multiple given project types lay down the appropriate routes to solution.

We designed this six sigma tutorial as a practical tool. Use this as a day-to-day tool to guide you through solving as many different types of business problems as possible using the lean six sigma methodologies.